Kettle Roast

GIANTS offers the Kettle Roast Collection with up to 35% less sodium than the GIANTS Original Collection. These lower sodium sunflower seeds are perfect for those that enjoy mouthfuls of seeds at a time, as they are roasted with less salt, making them more gentle on your mouth.  Goodbye tender mouth!  Available in three great kettle roasted flavors: OriginalDill Pickle and Fresh Cracked Pepper.  We know it can be difficult to choose from all these delectable flavors and offer a Build Your Own Kettle Roast Variety Pack.

At GIANTS we know your health is a priority, Kettle Roast seeds are all-natural, has zero trans-fat, 8 grams of protein and are made with fresh sea salt. Purchase our Kettle Roast flavors today and enjoy sweet and salty sunflower seeds with long-lasting flavor.