Sunflower Seeds

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GIANTS Sriracha 5 oz

GIANTS has welcomed this spicy new flavor into their family. Incorporating the flavor of the original "Hot Chili Sauce" TU'ONG O'T SRIRACHA, this flavor is sure to make your taste buds dance! *


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GIANTS Roasted & Salted 5.75 oz

The best selling GIANTS are the Roasted & Salted sunflower seeds. These big beauties are hand selected even before they are planted. We work directly with the farmers to make sure we have the best quality sunflower seed in each bag of GIANTS. We watch the seeds grow from a little seed into a beautiful sunflower before harvest and then select only the biggest and best seeds for you. They are roasted to perfection and packaged fresh. *


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GIANTS New Kettle Roast 5 oz

Our new Kettle Roast is one of the most exciting things to happen to sunflower seeds in decades. What is a Kettle Roasted Sunflower Seed? It is cooked with sea salt and sugar to give it a very unique flavor. It has about 40% less sodium than our Original Giants and a hint of sweetness for a great taste. It is a great sunflower seed if you love to eat a ton of seeds mouthfuls at a time because it is more gentle on your mouth. This is one flavor everyone should try! *


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GIANTS Bacon Ranch 5 oz

Enjoy GIANTS Sunflower Seeds Bacon Ranch flavor. The creamy taste of ranch, along with the smoked flavor of bacon combined with the Big taste of GIANTS is sure to satisfy. 

(Contains wheat.) *


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GIANTS Dill Pickle 5 oz

GIANTS Dill Pickle was our first venture into new flavors. Dill Pickle and sunflower seeds? That is a common response until you try this delicious combination. Try a bag today and experience the great flavor of Dill Pickle and GIANTS together. We use a unique flavor process which helps keep that flavor lasting much longer than other brands. 

(Contains milk and wheat.) *


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GIANTS Salt & Pepper 5 oz

GIANTS Salt & Pepper is one of the most popular flavors we have introduced. It has been named by many consumers as the "Steak Sunflower Seed". It is a blend of many varieties of pepper and salt to make this great tasting flavor. Pepper is a great seasoning used everyday on many foods and made sense to try in on seeds, the result has been an astounding success. Salt & Pepper is quickly becoming one of our best selling flavors.

(Contains wheat.) *


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GIANTS KC Style BBQ 5 oz.

Enjoy GIANTS Sunflower Seeds—seasoned with a KC style BBQ flavor. This bold new taste is quickly winning over flavored seed lovers.

(Contains wheat.) *

*Manufactured on equipment shared with milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, corn, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.